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  1. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Currently I just do some simple stuff. Mulching, edging, mowing, leaf clean up, trimming shrubs. But I want to learn more in the wintertime to have more skill sets. What do you recommend looking into to maximize profits? I would also think I may stop mowing as much to take on more profitable...
  2. Bidding, Estimating and Pricing
    I'f your mowing for the filthy rich what could you add to your estimate? Imagine you're offering multiple options. What could you offer in the most expensive one to make it appealing?
  3. Business Operations
    Hey guys, I am a new member here. I really like all the stuff I have been reading on here! It looks like there are a few experienced business owners on here that I would like this to reach out to. I have been mowing as a side hustle for the last 5 years (I am 24). The last year and a half I...
  4. Business Operations
    Hello all, I am new to this industry; I started a Lawn Care maintenance business about a year ago and I have finally grown to the point that I needed to hire a helper. i was wondering how you all pay your employees, by the hour, by the job, or flat rate for the day? Also do you pay for drive time?
  5. Marketplace
    Lower hours excellent mechanical condition. Originally purchased by homeowner with large lot and used sparingly. Well maintained. Fires up on first pull. I have extra airfilters and tines to go with it. Located in Metro Detroit area. $2800 OBO
  6. Business Operations
    Hey guys! So we are now into September and this has been my first "official" year of landscaping. I gotta tell ya which I'm sure a lot of y'all have experienced, it is great when things are great Anyway. I am posting in search of advice of or some type of guidance. My main career is in...
  7. Landscape Maintenance
    how to start a tree farm . how to go about planning on owning a tree nursery, any tips opinions welcome. Just a post so we can discuss tips and planning i would like to own one one day
  8. Business Operations
    I am in college full-time but still take care of roughly 30 properties. Gross income of about $2,500 a month. I run a Scag TCII, I wrote a check for it this summer, so there is no payment for that machine. I am wanting to expand and would like to pick up a Ferris Z2 for $8,000. Would it be smart...
  9. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Do you all add tax to your invoices when you mail them to a customer?
  10. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    I think I need to give some backround. Im 18, fresh out of highschool, but I know this industry a lot better than most who are just getting started and I do excellent work. My father ran an successful irrigation business for all my life but passed away a 3 years ago and the business ended with...
  11. Business Operations
    Check out our blog post about how Pronexis' Virtual Office can make your life better and your customers happier by taking your inbound and outbound calls Monday through Sunday from early in the morning to late at night for less than the cost of hiring your own office staff. Watch your bottom...
  12. Landscape Maintenance
    They want the beds redone, and some fresh rock around the building in spots, and new flowers and mulch in the beds. Will have to buy a tiller so recommendations for a good one of those is appreciated. Basically he wants it ready to open up in february, the edges will need to be edged around the...
  13. Marketplace
    This guy wants $200 for an echo srm266s trimmer. Good deal? I need a second trimmer for backup, I currently have a SRM-225. This one is more powerful and is brand new. What do you think? He might take $175.
  14. Business Operations
    Hi everyone! I have been lurking the past few days and really enjoy learning and reading about every one's experiences in this industry. Thanks for sharing! I currently run a "green" business in Ventura County, CA. I have been in business for almost two years and am making very little money...
  15. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Saw this $125 2-wheel sulky and wondering if it a good deal? It seems really super cheap for a new one, i just bought a used 1-wheel sulky for $100, i realize it leaves a line down the middle but it's better than walking. Just wondering what you guys thought of this one...
  16. Lawn Mowing
    we had this customer for 2yrs he always paid on time and was nice. He has a decent size fenced in yard and there is dog poop EVERWHERE. Last time I counted 36 piles and 10 of those where fresh. I have no choice but to run them over with the mower. Then the mower is full of poop and my boots are...
  17. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Im thinking of getting rid of contracts. I see it as an advantage since some clients don't want to sign a contract. I also think it will be helpful for the people who are on vacation or who's mower broke down and only need one grass cutting. I don't want to take advantage of the customer either...
  18. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    right now my boss suggets to the customers that we bag the clipping so it will make the grass look nicer. The problem is that it takes to long first when the catcher fills up we unload it into 60 gal buckets that we place around the yard. Once those are full we have to tie the bags up and carry...
1-18 of 32 Results