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  1. Marketplace
    Vintage/Antique Kubota W5019 Push lawn mower Working condition Blade clutch Bag As-is Prefer local pickup
    $225 USD
  2. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Hi everyone. Yea yea I know, first post from a newby, sorry :( I've been lurking the threads but have my own question. I live in an area where I mow our acre or so that is grassed, and pick up odd/end jobs (about 5 lawns per week on schedule, and a few lots that are overgrown and they get...
  3. Marketplace
    Looking to sell a walker movers loader bucket and the H10 Implement Hitch. Shipping at be arranged or a pickup can be scheduled. St. Louis Missouri Only used twice. Mowed mulch each year and top soil.
  4. Marketplace
    Selling my toro 36 inch mower. The machine is in perfect condition, I am selling it because I no longer need it and I need the space it is occupying in my garage. I am available for any questions or concerns you may have, I am located in Delray Beach. Florida. The conditions are exactly what...
  5. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Currently I have a scag 52” walk behind. It’s ideal for my bigger yards, which right now make up most of my clients. However, next year I’m looking to go full time and expect to pick up smaller yards that my 52 just isn’t practical in. What’s everyone running in the 30 inch range that they like...
  6. Mechanic and Repair
    Hi everyone, New to lawnsite so let me know if this should be in a different area or has already been discussed. I am looking for opinions on stand on mowers vs sit down zero turns. But specifically with floating the deck over objects. I do a lot of yards where I some what frequently use my...
  7. Marketplace
    2001 F-150 with 193,000 miles. Runs good with minimal rust for its age. The ramp is very solid, it’s not from the Ramp Rack company, but functions the same. Fits 2 mowers well. Blower rack, shove/rake holder, water jug holder, and eye wash station mounted to bed rail made by green touch...
  8. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Just wanted to show you guys this over powered monster. Switched out the old 19 kai with a briggs 28efi. The whole process took about a day to do all together. The shaft sizes on my replacement engine and the 19kai were different so a new hydro pulley and a new clutch had to be ordered. (Clutch...
  9. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    For reasons I won't bore you with (unless you want to know), I want to mow a big portion of my big yard at 1.5-2.0" inches lower than the rest of my yard. I have a w436 husqvarna 36" walk behind that I'm very happy with - cuts great, built like a tank, didn't spend much. The problem is that...
  10. Marketplace
    I have a nice exmark Turf Tracer 48 walk behind for sale. The motor has recently been rebuilt. Hydros are very responsive. No leaks or issues whatsoever. Spindles are quiet and make no noises or wobble. Mower is ready to work. $2500. I would possibly trade for a Exmark Turf Tracer 36 with cash...
  11. Mechanic and Repair
    Alright, so my mower has been dead for a couple of weeks now. With work and back and forth buying parts, I'm still not up and running. I have a Snapper Pro S150X. Problem: No power, won't turn over, no clicking sounds. Just dead. Everything I've Tried - Replaced battery & cleaned connections -...
  12. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I have a Ferris FW35 walk behind mower. It runs great but after it’s been running, say, 10-15 minutes and it’s hot it produces a “fast clicking noise” when I heard it I tried to locate where the sound is coming from, thinking maybe a bolt is loose. I used a screwdriver to touch everything I...
  13. Marketplace
    I have a 36 inch exmark metro with a mulcher attachment for sale. Located in Cincinnati Ohio. Selling this mower now because I upgraded and it’s a back up. Runs and cuts good through both tall grass and wet conditions. Great mower just need it gone now. Asking $1,750
  14. Mechanic and Repair
    Mower: 2008 Exmark Lazer Z 60 in. 27 hp model: LZ27KC604 Yesterday I noticed my left rear wheel wobbling a little (or at least it was not exactly straight) on my Exmark Lazer Z. I have noticed this before earlier this year, possibly last year as well, but when jacking it up and checking...
  15. Marketplace
    John Deere Z955M EFI ZTrak™ Zero-Turn Mower Deck:72" Michelin® X® Tweel® Turf airless radial tire technology for ZTrak™ Only 102 Hours Call or text 914-586-2565
  16. Marketplace
    Up for sale is 2019 John Deere ztrak 955 m with tweels, 72” deck and with only 102 hours on it.
  17. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I’m looking to buy a new mower and I found a Yazoo Kees 61in 27hp kohler has 600 hours on it. I’ve never delt with yazoo Kees or kohler good or bad mowers?
  18. Marketplace
    We have a Gravely Pro-Stance 36 in great condition with low hours that we just don't use. It's a great mower, we just focus on larger properties. We have it listed on Facebook marketplace, please check it out in the link below.
  19. Marketplace
    Welcome to my post. I am currently selling mowers, trimmers, an aerator, spreaders, blowers, and more. I had added more photos of all the items in an online photo storage to minimize loading this page because of all the photos. Please take a look at the item and if you are interested you can...
  20. Mechanic and Repair
    Can anyone lead me in the right direction of what to check next? I bought this TimeCutter SS4235 and it ran fine when I bought it. Sat it in the garage for a week or so and now it won't start. I replaced the starter solenoid and ignition switch and still won't start. Here is a video of it. Any...
1-20 of 153 Results