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  1. Heavy Equipment & Tractors
    I want to start off by saying it's good to be back on this forum after not being here for two years. I left to go join the compact tractor world over at Tractorbynet to do research and get feedback from users but omg it was a different planet. Definitely not the same crowd of people. There are...
  2. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    It's been almost two years that I have been researching the zero turn market to find a mower that will be the right fit for my property. I have looked at everything out there including compact tractors to find what I think is the best solution. At one point I was about to pull the trigger on a...
  3. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    So i started my lawn care business when I was 15 and I was not very serious about it. It was just nice that people were gonna pay me and i could go out and about and pay for myself. Now I am 18 and I have been trying to get serious. I have about 9 residential clients who I service each week and...
  4. Network: South
    Is anyone here located in Memphis TN or the surrounding areas?:terribletowel:
  5. General Industry Discussions
    Be very careful if MH Landscapes calls you and wants you to mow bank owned properties. Their area managers will tell you one thing, approve the billing and when they cut your check they only will pay you half. We heard they were getting 50.00 per lawn from the banks to do these properties and...
  6. Landscape Maintenance
    Hey, I'm brand new to this site and am starting my own small one person part time landscape maintenance company. I need help determining how to bid jobs, mostly mowing jobs. Any ideas? Are there threads about this already? Thanks
  7. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    I have been mowing grass since I was probably 10 or younger with a toro self propelled mower, I can remember when I had my mom come out to help me start it, haha:laugh:. Right now I mow two yards (mine and my neighbor’s), this will keep me busy for probably around two hours or more. I was...
1-7 of 8 Results