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  1. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Anyone have thoughts on the Dingo vs. Bobcat MT mini excavator. I am looking to purchase one and was wondering which one is better? Thanks.
  2. Marketplace
    Hello I am selling one 2008 Bobcat M06 Backhoe attachment. This attachment has low hours and and in good condition 12" bucket. call 406 581 4870
  3. Marketplace
    Like new 2007 bobcat M06 backhoe attachment for MT50,52,55, 463, s130, possibly other small skidsteers. Has been used maybe 4 times and still has original paint on 12" bucket. Cost $6800 new - asking $4250 obo. This was originally sold but buyer couldn't come up with the money so I am...
  4. Landscape Architecture and Design-Build
    I am trying to determine which model dingo to buy. I am planning to go with a wheeled model rather than track (cheaper to buy and maintain). I am considering the 200 series, which is two wheel drive. Anyone have one and can share experience? Can I do light digging with it? (dirt/sand) Can...
  5. Marketplace
    WTB a 40-60hp skid steer and would be willing to trade for a mini skid steer plus attachments and possibly some additional cash. My mini skids and attachments can be viewed at: If you are getting ready to update a skidsteer or have an extra...
1-5 of 5 Results