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  1. Heavy Equipment & Tractors
    Well, maybe the UPS man, but he was wearing a Santa hat, close enough. As part of the sale agreement, I had to install 3 Larry Lugs on a used track I purchased from AMCAT a few weeks back. 6 Larry Lugs, 4" carbide grinding wheel, hardware and drilling template, shipping and handling, $220.00...
  2. Heavy Equipment & Tractors
    So this is what it's like. Pulling the tracks off my 247B2 to rotate them, a little ahead of the 500 hour interval, but I want to do bits and pieces over the next month. I didn't have overhead clearance for the loader safety lock, so I made one up from channel iron instead, works darn good...
  3. Heavy Equipment & Tractors
    GRRRRRRRRRR, being bored is no fun, so I woke up to a nice sunny day, popped some goofy pills and got busy. Mediocre jobs are so much more fun with compact equipment at your disposal! There's some leaf clean up, a little mini excavator action, skid steer dumping hopper action and some minor...
1-3 of 3 Results