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  1. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    Hey, guys! Contractors are beginning the lawn renovation this week, so sod should be installed late this week or early next week. I hope to get some guidance on what chemicals to put down, and when. TTTF + KBG mix sod, LEED certified. Being installed with 18-24-12 slow-release starter...
  2. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    Hi all! Stumbled across this forum while Googling some tips etc for my new sod. New development, took possession of the place in mid-June &, sod was finally thrown down on Friday (thrown is probably a fair description given what I saw!). Unfortunately no clue what the sod is specifically...
  3. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    I think I have Floratam because of the purple runners can anyone confirm? Will new Floratam sod have purple runners or do they change color over time?
  4. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    hi all, This is my first post in this site after a few months of lurking. Yesterday, we had our yard excavated and regraded to correct major drainage issues. We laid 5 pallets of St Augustine sod, and need about 2.5 more to finish out the front. It’s super hot here (91 today), and although...
  5. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    Hi all- I'm a new member and DIY'er, and I'm looking for a little guidance on the prep work required for re-sodding my yard. I've got a 7,000sq ft backyard in suburbia that holds water. (see attached pictures) Over time the rain and water has washed out all the good soil and destroyed the...
  6. Turf Renovation
    Good evening to all, I have a lawn maintenance client who would like some options for renovating their backyard lawn area. I have suggested either seeding a new lawn or putting in sod. This would be the first lawn renovation project that I will do if I get the job. Attached are some photos of...
1-6 of 6 Results