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  1. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Hey everyone. I am a long time member of these forums but just never really posted. But anyway, I am looking at moving into the Dallas area and start up a lawn company. What kind of market is out that way for another lawn maintenance company? I have been in business in Alabama for over 12...
  2. Business Operations
    Ok so I’ve been solo for 3 years and have been in the industry for 10 years. I’ve gotten really busy in the past year and have decided to hire someone to help mainly in lawn maintenance but he does work with me on every job no matter what it is. He’s new to the industry and I’m having a tough...
  3. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Hi Everyone, Just joined the forums today. I've been in the landscaping business for a few years as an employee and I'm in a spot with everything going on right now to financially take the risk of starting my own landscaping company. I'm bringing some close acquaintances from past jobs with me...
  4. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    I'm a home owner who wants to be the envy of the neighborhood, if not my town. I have a lot to learn and need help. I truly appreciate any and all posts.
  5. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    Hey there! I'm a determined wife whose yard is not up to par and I'm hoping you all can help! We are on a little over two acres in Tampa, FL. Lot was covered in what I assume is Bahia before we built two years ago and had done a decent job of self maintenance before we purchased it. During the...
  6. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    Hello everyone, I apologize up front if I'm posting in the wrong section but eventually I will be watering the lawn which is lawn maintenance!. Back story - Last June I purchased my first home and with getting married in September and renovating the house the lawn was the last thing on my...
  7. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    As soon as Monday, I can make a purchase on a stander mower. My budget will fit either the Bradley 48/52 stander (Honda) option, or vanguard. And the Dixie chopper with the 26 vanguard. Both vanguards I believe are the26. The Honda option for the Bradley is 24hp. I would love to know the...
  8. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    Good day lawn experts. I live in Spruce Grove Alberta Canada. Having a huge issue with dew worms (night crawlers) The lawn is like a land mine, they dig up this nasty clay, that sits ontop. You can't hardly walk on it, and mowing it is brutal. I have done a bit of research just want more...
  9. Introduce Yourself
    Hello, I'm from long island. I have been reading on this site alot and finally joined. I'm currently trying to start up my own business. I currently work as a diesel mechanic but it's not cutting it. Any tips or pointers would be a good learning experience and thanks in advance.
  10. Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone. I wear a couple hats: Part-time koi pond/waterfeature tech, vehicle wrap/decal designer & installer, and lawn care graphics designer. Thanks for having me here.
  11. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    What is the best advertising agency that will get me plenty of accounts? What do you all think of...? Thumbtack DexMedia HomeAdvisor
  12. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    What have all you experienced landscaping owners finds that works best to gain accounts? I'm having a bit of a trouble my first year.
  13. Introduce Yourself
    I found the lawn site months ago when I was in need of tips and reviews from real professionals in the landscaping field. After reading hundreds of threads, anything from zero turn reviews to unhappy customers to Mower brand loyalists going at it, I have to say I've had quite a few laughs and...
  14. Introduce Yourself
    Hello Everyone... Wanted to give an Intro as I am an avid Forum user and have been following LawnSite for quite some time now providing me with answers to a majority of all my questions.... Figured it was time to join in on the conversation! Ive been in the industry for over 10 years and decided...
  15. Introduce Yourself
    Hello, This is my first time joining a discussion board. I've read a lot of them but no participation. In a past life I working in an engineering development lab. Since retirement, I've lost the ability to discuss the problems in my home shop with others that where mechanically inclined...
  16. Fertilizer Application
    I have been in lawn care for about 7 yrs now and slowly shifting into L & O service. I am L & O certified and licensed. I have horticulture certification and experience. My Question to you pros out there is , whats the best starter tank set up for effective and efficient service. I currently...
  17. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    What do you wish you would've done differently? Equipment? Advertising? Bidding? Trailer?
  18. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Hey guys I have searched countless sites to find some decent business plans for companies just starting out or that have been around awhile. Thought this might be a good thread to post your business plans so others can view them when putting together their own.
  19. Introduce Yourself
    Hello All, I registered a while ago and I've been working a little bit trying to learn before jumping in to introduce myself. We have several rental properties and are looking to begin to improve the overall lawn care part of our routine maintenance work. As part of that process we want to...
  20. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Hi all, I'm interested in starting a lawn care service, and have some questions regarding logistics. Based on some of the polls I've seen on this site, it appears that most people charge about $35 for a basic mow/trim service. How do you work out the scheduling? It doesn't seem like it would...
1-20 of 36 Results