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  1. Organic Lawn Care
    Hello, I recently completed a compost tea brewer but was woefully underwhelmed by the amount of air that my Pentair WW39 puts out. Admission of fault here; I failed to factor in the 10 inch water column of resistance the aeration disks have before you even add any water, so I'm a bit under...
  2. Fertilizer Application
    Hi I posted some info a week+ ago about the New Patent Pending universal Breakthru agitator for all 3 hole hoppers & on the New 2017 triumph and I was surprised no one commented. This agitator will save you a lot of time This New universal Breakthru agitator eliminates many isues that have...
  3. Organic Lawn Care
    So I am in Oregon, on the Eastern dry side (pine forest at higher elevations, sage and juniper at lower) and have been using an organic-based fert schedule for 6 years now. It took some time to get the hang of it, and the costs to the clients increased greatly, but my yards consistently look...
  4. Organic Lawn Care
    Hi everyone; I recently had the good fortune to interview Dr. Elaine Ingham, President and Director of Reasearch at the Soil Foodweb Inc. We have posted the interview on our blog. Feel free to have a visit and leave any comments there (or here). You can also navigate to the blog directly from...
  5. General Industry Discussions
    Hey everyone, Has anybody had any success with using Organic Fertilizer spray?
1-5 of 7 Results