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  1. Organic Lawn Care
    My company is going through a website content audit and we are attempting to decide what we could add (or possibly take away) from this blog post we wrote on "Why Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Matters For a Green Lawn", it is one of our most trafficked blog posts which is why we are wanting to be...
  2. Fertilizer Application
    Was wondering if anyone has used any of the Earthworks Turf products on their residential accounts such as the granular 8-2-2 or any of their liquid products. If so, how were your results?
  3. Organic Lawn Care
    I'm demoing the Exmark spreader sprayer, it's potentially time to graduate from a harder way of life, push spreading 70 accounts with my Lesco broadcast spreader. Many of my lawns are above 10kSF and I have some one and two acre residential lawns. Lots of hills in NH too. I'm the owner and also...
  4. Introduce Yourself
    Hi guys/gals, I'm new in the industry and am doing emission free lawn care and yard maintenance services in Mississauga ON, Canada. There are some great lines of electric, lithium Ion battery powered, equipment out there. Anyone else doing this? Love to hear about your experiences...
  5. Employment
    Looking for experienced lawn care technician for organic-based lc service. Granular fertilizer, liquid weed control, bio-rational insect control. Full or part time positions to service 350 customers/route. Established business opened in 2000. Paid holidays, paid time off for vacation & sick...
  6. Marketplace
    We have an Earth & Turf Topdressor for Sale. Model 200 Multispread. Comes with optional adjustable wing kit for rear shield and light material sides. Purchased new in 2008-9. Used less than 1 dozen times. Stored inside or under roof at all times. Like new condition except handle to...
  7. Organic Lawn Care
    Does anybody want to try out Fiesta (Iron based Broadleaf Herbicide) I might have a couple extra 2.5 gallon Jugs of the concentrate available this Spring 614-218-7366
  8. Organic Lawn Care
    Hey guys. I've been perusing this site for over a year. Learned a lot from you guys when I started up my business 2 years ago. It is very much appreciated! To make a long story short, I service clients (Commercial & Residential) in the more expensive part of town. Organic is a household word...
1-8 of 10 Results