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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone, great community here! For over 35 years I've been designing and building award winning landscapes in the Tri-State (NY, NJ, PA) area utilizing a background in Landscape Architecture and years of practical construction experience. I've found that form follows function and that most...
  2. Hardscaping
    Some pics of a little project in 'Never Satisified's Neck of the Woods! In New Windsor MD, we're building a nice, partially raised paver patio, with steps, retaining walls, seat walls, landscape lighting, and an outdoor kitchen. ,
  3. Insect Control Systems
    For anyone who is considering adding misting systems for the purpose of controlling insects, this is for you. I am the owner of Insect Control Systems Distributing and have been making bug-free areas since 2003 with consistent customer satisfaction. Feel free to ask me any questions or tell me...
1-3 of 3 Results