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  1. Heavy Equipment & Tractors
    Does anyone on here run this setup? I am looking into getting a OS1548, but according to specs online it weighs 1260lbs and the 2038r can lift 1356lbs. I'm sure I would have to load the front weight bracket and possibly fill front tires with fluid, but the main thing is if the tractor will even...
  2. Marketplace
    Landpride OS1548 Overseeder. Very good condition $3500. Downsizing business
  3. Mechanic and Repair
    I recently purchased a frontier overseeder on auction. It is a model OS1058. The machine appears to have little wear but to the left outside. I will attach an image but I am having issues with the "distributor bar" if you will. It seems to be extremely stiff. I have already pulled the chains...
  4. Marketplace
    Selling my overseeder that I no longer need. Bought it to seed yards for a few projects that are now complete. Not sure what to ask for this but I know they cost around $4,000 new. This unit starts and runs great. Everything works well. Has the 9 hp motor and this thing is a beast...
  5. Marketplace
    I'm looking to purchase a good used Ryan Overseeder if anyone has one available?
  6. Marketplace
    One owner. never used commercially, Has Honda Engine , comes with original book and stored inside year around, serviced every year. does a great job at dethatching asking 1100.
  7. Turf Renovation
    What is the difference between a slit seeder and an overseeder?
  8. Turf Renovation
    Hi Guys, I' was wondering if any of you use the types of overseeders with the seed hopper situated over the times/cutters. They claim to de-thatch and seed in one pass. I'm assuming you'd want to do a cross-hatch pattern to get even seed germination. Anyway, I'm wondering more about the...
1-8 of 8 Results