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  1. Business Operations
    Should I pay for this out of pocket or let my insurance cover it? Ive heard using your insurance will cause your rate to increase. Storm door, glass.
  2. Business Operations
    Hello all, I am new to this industry; I started a Lawn Care maintenance business about a year ago and I have finally grown to the point that I needed to hire a helper. i was wondering how you all pay your employees, by the hour, by the job, or flat rate for the day? Also do you pay for drive time?
  3. Employment
    In all the years in business this has been the worst year. I can't find any employees at all. Day labor centers are empty and if I do find a guy they want $18hr and a paid lunch. We are in a housing boom here in the Dallas area so all the workers are doing that. Anyone else having this issue...
  4. Business Operations
    Hey guys, I have a few questions concerning insurance and payroll. Insurance Questions: #1: How much coverage do you carry on your company for General Liability? (Example: $500,000, $750,000) #2: Which insurance company do you use, and would you recommend them to someone else? Have you had a...
  5. Business Operations
    Out of your total gross, (you can break it down weekly, monthly, or yearly,) how do you break up your business income and delegate it to different purposes? For example, what percentage of your business' income do you set aside for taxes? What percentage do you set aside for equipment...
  6. Business Operations
    If this thread is redundant and answers can be found elsewhere, please forward me accordingly. My situation is that after 23 years of being an active owner/operator of our family business, I'm moving off the active crew to oversee a new division of our company that's not related to landscape...
  7. Christmas Trees & Seasonal
    Like most of you labour is a big expense that can make or break a profitable year. In the past we have paid by the hour but we are now toying with a "piece work" or "production pay" system that allows several benefits: 1. The ability to control costs on a fixed price job. (no sitting around...
  8. Business Operations
    Has anyone used Bank of America's Payroll Services? How is it, and how much? Do you print employee checks out?
  9. Employment
    I'm asking for help with a few things from time to time. I have a very small company. Is $40 a day(4-6 hrs actual time) too little to pay someone? Thanks!
  10. Employment
    We are considering switching our payscale to a "pay per job" instead of hourly. We have a lot of wasted time and think that if the crew knows what they are getting paid for that particular job, they would buy into more. For example, paying out 20% of total invoice divided among 3 guys. Crew...
  11. Landscape Maintenance
    right now i have been charging cleanups by the man hour. i have a BR600 a 5HP WB blower 48'' mower and 16HP leaf loader. i was wondering what other people were charging per man hour for this kind of of my clients are fine with paying $50 per man hour but recently some have been...
  12. Employment
    Hello to all lawn service employees. I am writing this post in hopes of receiving some additional assistance in my quest to finally determine once and for all, the legality of "chinese overtime." I am currently in contact with the US Department of Labor as well as my local labor and wage...
  13. Employment
    Our employees have been doing the same jobs slower and slower every year. We try to implement no-overtime policies, but something always comes up (equipment break-down, etc.). We are considering paying each mow crew on a per yard basis. Does anyone have experience with this and how to handle...
1-13 of 13 Results