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  1. Business Operations
    I use Square for running a few credit cards every month (mix of recurring lawn care and other 1 time landscape work). I know there are other, less-costly cc processing options, but to be honest this is what I've stuck with because I knew it and it has the name-recognition with customers so they...
  2. Employment
    Im wondering if I should just write a straight hourly check to this employee(without withholding taxes). He was fired at the end of the day(partial day). I'm thinking that it's not worth putting him into our system(paper work, etc.). Anyone have any thoughts on this? Please answer only if you...
  3. Business Operations
    I file as scorp. For 2017 we had a pretty high dividend and had to pay a little higher than wanted on taxes. To help with this I've decided to increase my salary and payroll. Any other ideas? What do you all do to keep taxes down? Thanks in advance.
  4. Business Operations
    Anyone out there in a 50-50 partnership llc? Me and my buddy joined efforts in our start up, we are wondering how we are going to survive this thing. What kind of agreement to write up. How should we pay ourselves ext..
  5. Business Operations
    I am looking into hiring a payroll company that will include workers comp. insurance and figure out taxes with every paycheck. I've looked into Paychex and Intuit a little. Does anyone have experience on any payroll company and their fees and everything?
  6. Business Operations
    Out of your total gross, (you can break it down weekly, monthly, or yearly,) how do you break up your business income and delegate it to different purposes? For example, what percentage of your business' income do you set aside for taxes? What percentage do you set aside for equipment...
  7. Business Operations
    Is there a free online tax calculator, or simple software for this(state,fed,fico,ssi)?
  8. Business Operations
    I've been reading through past threads and looking at all different lawn/landscape software... and am having trouble finding one that fits what I'm looking for. Looking for an all in one suite to take care of invoicing, accounting, scheduling, and payroll. I've used quickbooks for invoicing...
  9. Business Operations
    How hard is it to do employee tax withholding(state,fed,etc.)? Bank of America will do it for me, for a monthly fee(Withholdings and Payroll). I have a software that can do it, but I'd have to buy the tax table and install it. I don't have a clue on maintaining this, so any help would be...
  10. Business Operations
    Has anyone used Bank of America's Payroll Services? How is it, and how much? Do you print employee checks out?
1-10 of 11 Results