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  1. Landscape Maintenance
    I hired a company to grind 2 stumps and we broke a pipe. Since the sprinkler heads were about 6 ft away, never crossed my mind a pipe was wrapped by the roots and buried only around 4 inches down. I have 2 questions: Would I be liable to fix the pipe (any way I already fixed it but want your...
  2. Professional Discussions
    Looking to buy a new pipe puller, has anyone used the L2 from Lineward? good? bad? would love to know more! thanks.
  3. Professional Discussions
    Ok, So first of all I do not do blowouts usually I am just doing my own and a friends. Anyway on my buddys house that is new to him this year we cant figure out where the shutoff is for water going to the pvb. It is not in the house, and the previous owner said she thaught we needed to use a key...
1-3 of 4 Results