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  1. Marketplace
    For sale is an older Ryan Greensaire II. It is functional and operational. 36 holes / sq ft or more with the quad tines. Lots of work recently done including cam gearcase cleanout, oil, some springs replaced, lots of new seals, engine oil and gearbox oil, etc. Hydraulics function good, engine...
  2. Marketplace
    I bought it as a demo unit and have used it very little, about an $8000 machine. Pulls incredible amount of plugs. PM for my phone number
  3. Turf Renovation
    I am trying to decide between these two aerators and haven't come up with much info or experience about the Billy Goat or many people using the John Deere for lawns instead of greens. From searching on here neither one gets used much by lawn care professionals yet unless I missed the threads or...
  4. Turf Renovation
    is it possible that dethatching yellow dry grass and plug aerating then overseeding and applying fertilizer will start to revive grass and turn green over time??? or is it best to to rototill everything out and just re seed and fert?? any tips are vert thankful
  5. Mechanic and Repair
    Hi, Hoping someone can help. Haven't used the mower in a month or so due to drought conditions in my area. Lawn is barely growing but decided to mow a few weeds yesterday. My Gravely 34z with 15hp Kawasaki mowed OK for about 5-10 minutes and then started bogging down (with or without blades...
  6. Turf Renovation
    I work on a small college campus with about 3 acres of irrigated lawn, 5 acres of athletic fields, and 15 acres of unirriagated campus/property. When I arrived 3 years ago, we were using a Craftsman pull behind aerator that you can place weights on top of. Our soil has an extremely high clay...
  7. Trucks, Trailers and ATV/UTV
    What brand/type of Spark Plugs do you use? I mostly use Platinum plugs in my truck. and the regular 99cent ones in my equipment.. Just wondering if the 2x and 4x Plat are really worth the extra money? And, does anyone use Plat or higher plugs in there lawn equipment?
1-7 of 7 Results