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  1. Business Operations
    What do you think about using a customers equipment?
  2. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    So I'm thinking about buying a new push mower in the next year or two and I was wondering what y'alls opinion on different brands was? I do not want a self propelled one! So far I was looking at Cub Cadet (not really my preference) or Toro. I'm looking to go more professional than a...
  3. Bidding, Estimating and Pricing
    What do you guys charge on average for just your basic Mow-N-Blow. (Obviously property size makes a difference, but I'm just asking your overall average price you estimate most often)
  4. Business Operations
    What's the best way to structure your company for maximum potential? I'm gearing towards a LLC taxed as a corp. Or a S. Corp. Any suggestions or advice for someone looking to incorporate for the first time? I know I should "speak to a Profesional" but I value the opinions here too!
1-5 of 5 Results