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  1. Business Operations
    Hey guys, just a heads up for everyone who is getting their advertising campaign for this season set up, and budgete: I was just on the Vistaprint website, and they are having a massive sale. Business cards, flyers, post cards, and some other stuff are 50% off, and they have some other products...
  2. Lawn Mowing
    I'm looking for some new ways to advertise. I currently have a 1"x1" ad in the local paper, a facebook page, and I sent out some pretty nice postcards thru a thing called Every Door Direct Mail that USPS does. Anyone have any other suggestions? I'm considering a website....where do I start?
  3. Original Pictures Forum
    This is the flyer that I'm planning to pass out this coming spring, I'm going to hit the same neighborhood that the testimonials are from twice (yes, people will actually know who wrote the testimonials). I plan to hit it once before it's time for mowing, and then again right before the grass...
  4. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    I'm planning on putting some testimonials on the flyers that I'm going to hand out this spring and I'm not sure how I should acknowledge the testimonial giver's names to people they may know while still protecting their privacy. I'm thinking about doing first name and last initial.... George...
  5. Business Operations
    Hopefully you guys will enjoy looking at my postcards... I'll keep this simple, tell me the good and tell me the bad. ANY Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Want to get picky about the angle of the drop shadows and size of the outline on the text ? Great! About the bottle... I...
  6. Original Pictures Forum
    I'm going to be printing out a new flyer pretty soon and I don't really have any good pictures to put on the front. The Layout is like this: Nice picture of lawn, garden, (and maybe house) on front, with the words "make your property look like this" or something along those lines. Here's my...
1-6 of 7 Results