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  1. Bidding, Estimating and Pricing
    I just purchased bags of preemergent for $30 a bag. We put down 4lbs per 1000. A few properties(12-13k sq ft) took the whole(50 lbs) bag. One bag per property. I'm being a little generous with this(and another) lawn and wanted to know what you all would be charging. I'm getting $65 for this. We...
  2. Fertilizer Application
    Do you all charge for 2 applications when putting down fertilizer that has pre emergent added in it?
  3. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    Is it more work spraying a pre emergent if using a 4 gallon backpack vs spreading granular with a broadcast spreader? I figured if the property is 8000+ square feet I'd have to go back to the truck 2-4 times to make another batch.
  4. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    Warm season lawns: Im still seeing some weeds even after 1-2 years of using a lawn plan(preM/postM/fert). Is it unrealistic to get a 100% weeds free lawn? I know there was a lot of rain lately, but is it a realistic mission, to aim for 100% weed free? I'm seeing Lawn Burweed, Doveweed...
  5. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    I’m new here and am in need of advice for my lawn. We laid zoysia sod last year. Now I’m ready to treat it but have heard varying opinions on pre emergent. I want the grass to get thick and deep roots yet I am worried about the weeds as I already see them appearing in spots. I am I. Georgia and...
  6. Turf Renovation
    I entered my zip code into the SuperSeedStore - Seed Express web page and they come up with the recommended seed mix for my area. I decided to try the seed mix in a shady area behind my garage. The Mixture contains: Spartan II hard fescue - 20% Zodiac chewings fescue - 20% Intrigue chewings...
  7. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    Hey everyone, first post, but I constantly refer here for opinions... so I figured I'd finally ask a question. Since spring has already sprung, we're kind of scrambling to get ready for bed maintenance next week. My conundrum though... I'm really tired of Treflan, but we work in New York. :/ I...
  8. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    Hi, I spread Dimension (dithiophyr) and was wondering if anyone has had it affect flower beds. I know the label says not for use in flower beds, but you expect that from the label. I am always cautious around flower beds but was wondering if it actually keeps flowers, such as bulbed flowerd...
  9. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    Do I need a license to use a pre emergent(on my customers' lawn) in SC?
  10. General Industry Discussions
    what your preferred chemical to spread for weed pre emergent. i use pendimenthalin (.086) as my first application then prodiamine (.36) for my second app. i have a buddy that uses prodiamine for both his applications. then have another friend who uses cavalcade for both of his and his...
  11. Landscape Maintenance
    I've read several older posts on how to begin the control of Canada Thistle and I just would like to know if what was posted will work in a particular situation I have with a customer. I know it will take many many months of continual attention on the re-emerging monster, C.T., but I want to...
1-11 of 11 Results