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  1. Power Washing
    If you need water for a large HOA for pressure washing this is what we do. Go to your local water department and ask how to rent one of there meters. Short video how to turn off and on a fire hydrant.
  2. Power Washing
    Elephant Roof & Exterior Cleaning just finished a full Restoration on this Deck & Screen Porch. Removed screen and trim and stripped the old stain. Added Lattice and gate.
  3. Power Washing
    The house wash we did was small yet the drastic difference from start to finish really shows. The best part was working on the top of the mountain in a place with a unique history. I have more pictures on my Facebook page if you're interested in this unique place. Blue Ridge Roof Cleaning...
  4. Power Washing
    After weeks of working on setting up the inside the exterior was lettered last Friday. The rolling billboard is ready for travel!
  5. Power Washing
    Just finished making and installing my rack for my Surface Cleaner. When ever I would park at Home Depot I would worry about my cleaner getting snagged by some low life. Not anymore.
  6. Power Washing
    Another happy customer with a clean roof in Raleigh,NC. Ugly black streaks are no more. Roof looks like new. After the rain it will look even better. Elephant Roof & Exterior Cleaning has added a full line of Gutter/Leaf Guards to it's services!
1-7 of 9 Results