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  1. Professional Discussions
    Greetings! My company primarily has done pool maintenance and install but we are expanding into landscaping installs. I've personally designed and installed 8 irrigation systems over the last 10 years. I've always used some combination of rigid 3/4" or 1" for the main runs and swing/funny/flex...
  2. Power Washing
    This will help you figure out the cleaning units if you Pressure wash, help with pricing. Text me anytime 4805225227
  3. Mechanic and Repair
    Question for the experts and the wise... I just completed a build on a new Kohler short block with new heads and valve train. (CH740) The following was completed with 30W Lucas break in oil (10631) and kohler filter 52-50-02. All pressure readings were taken from the breather cover at the...
  4. Professional Discussions
    I'm trying to get a consensus about putting a filter on main lines. A common scenario is running a system off a well, or having a system that's all drip and putting a filter on the main instead of one after each solenoid valve. What I'm hearing but have never seen is that sometimes the water...
  5. Mechanic and Repair
    Morning all, I have an exmark 72" Lazer z with around 3k on it. I have lost some hydro pressure while going up an incline. I have replaced the hydro drive belt but same issue. I have also read through some posts and guy had similar issue and his bleeder valve was loose allowing pressure to...
  6. Professional Discussions
    When I'm doing an irrigation design for a contractor, I often will get the static water pressure from the POC. Obviously there's friction loss happening all the way back to the meter once the irrigation system is actually hooked up. But without the person on-site giving me details about meter...
  7. Power Washing
    Property protection while you are pressure Cleaning
  8. Power Washing
    Pressure Washing Chili Smoke off wall at Grocery Chains & BBQ's...
  9. Mechanic and Repair
    I made some videos that I posted on Youtube that explain how to pressure test some common Stihl and Redmax Carburetors. If you have a pressure tester, it saves a lot of the guess work on whether or not your carburetor is the cause of problems you may have with your equipment.
  10. Professional Discussions
    This is a 2 part question I guess. I primarily focus on mowing and spraying but do the occasional sprinkler system. I have been to classes so I'm not just a guy that started doing them one day. One thing they didn't cover and I have just had to deal with is reducing pressures. I know the...
  11. Power Washing
    Largest Pressure Washing Convention FREE Sept 21 22 23 2016 Charlotte North Carolina Stay tuned for the Free Agenda Coming Soon At The Largest pressure washing Convention. For Details Please Click Here For Registration Please Click Here For a Full List of Upcoming Events Please Click...
  12. Power Washing
    Here are the Dates for The Pressure Cleaning and Roof Cleaning School for 2013. January 7-8 February 4-5 March 4-5 April 8-9 May 6-7 June 3-4 July 8-9 August 5-6 September 9-10 October 7-8 November 4-5 December 9-10 The Pressure Cleaning and Roof Cleaning School is 1 1/2 days of "Hands On"...
  13. Power Washing
    Here is a house we power washed in the Harrisburg area a few days ago. We pressure washed all the siding to remove the dirt and algae to restore the beauty of the home. The homeowner was extremly happy after we awere finished pressure washing his Hershey PA home he wanted us to clean his front...
  14. Power Washing
    We recently restored the brick of this home in Kingwood Texas using very low pressure. Pressure Washing brick should only be done using very low pressure so as not to damage the brick or mortar joints.
  15. Professional Discussions
    I have a one inch water main in a residential home, going into a 5/8 water meter, then back out to one inch pex pipe. Right after that, if I were to install a 1/2" boiler drain (aka. sediment tap) off of the pex pipe, and I was to attach a Toro flow gauge, how accurate with the gpm reading be...
  16. Power Washing
    Here are a few pic's from a Cob Web Removal job we did on Lake Livingston, just about an hour north of Houston Texas. Having a Pressure Washer that puts out 8 gpm and and adjustable wand so that the pressure can be turned down is key to removing Cob Web Infestations like this.
  17. Power Washing
    We recently complete this pressure washing and roof cleaning job in the woodlands texas just north of houston. All surfaces were soft washed and did not require the use of a pressure washer, except the driveway. When we clean roofs we never use a pressure washer, instead we use a non pressure...
  18. Power Washing
    Here is job we did yesterday in Kingwood Texas just north of Houston Texas. Our pressure washing and roof cleaning services take us all over the Houston Texas area.
  19. Power Washing
    Here is a home we recently performed our non pressure soft wash roof cleaning and pressure washing services of in Kingwood Texas. Kingwood Texas is located just north of Houston Texas.
1-19 of 21 Results