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  1. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Just wondering if anyone owns one of these yet? How are you liking it? How’s the cut quality? Controls? I’m looking into a new hydro walk behind and have just stumbled across this. I’ve never owned a hydro wb only belt drive. It’s between this, the exmark tt, scag swz, or a Wright hc. I’m going...
  2. Marketplace
    Selling the following equipment. 2008 48" Toro Proline Floating Deck Mower. The mower has a brand new set of blades on it. Oil change recently done on it and includes a sulky. I purchased this mower brand new in 2008 and used it lightly when I had my lawn care business but most of my lawns were...
  3. Lawn Mowing
    I picked up a Toro 22040 in great shape. It idles, runs and cuts great, but makes a knocking/rattling sound when mowing grass. This common 22040 issue was discussed in a separate thread several years ago. Someone said the noise is caused by the drive pulley. My question: Does anyone know...
  4. Marketplace
    Toro Proline 36" mower. Good condition. Recently serviced. EZ start. Features Kawasaki FH381V 13 HP engine. $1350.00
  5. Marketplace
    Howdy all, I have 2 Toro walk behind mowers for sale. 1st one is model # 22040 with the Suzuki 2 stroke engine and is not self propelled. 21" cut and includes bag. The primer bulb is rotten and I'm looking for a replacement. Runs and cuts great. 2nd mower is model # 26622 with Suzuki 4 stroke...
  6. Marketplace
    Looking for a mulching plate for a single blade 32" proline. Round deck style.
  7. Lawn Mowing
    This is my 6th season with this mower. The blades will engage fine to begin with, but cut out after cutting maybe 15 minutes. If you let it sit for at least that long, it will work again for awhile. I have tried to field test overriding the handle "plunger" switch as well as the pull-up...
  8. Marketplace
    Hello all I am looking for a deck for a Toro Proline 30144_11500. A deck or old Toro Proline with a bad engine so we can part it out would be great. I can be reached at 330-356-3137. Thanks, Jay
  9. Marketplace
    I recently bought a used Toro proline and would like to find some used parts or a parts machine. Thanks.
  10. Lawn Mowing
    Hi -- Toro specs seem to say that max cut height on the Proline 21 is 3.25". Here in Texas, we often have to cut St. Augustine at 3.75" or 4.0". Forgive my ignorance, but is there any way to get more height from the Proline? Thanks.
  11. Lawn Mowing
    Hi fellas, I'm new to the site, but not to the business. I recently bought a toro proline Suzuki 2 cycle powered walk behind to replace my lawnboy silver pro. My was I missing out over the years! Anyways, for some reason, when I mow St. Augustine the mower leaves random blades of grass behind...
1-11 of 11 Results