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  1. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I'm in the midst of planning an initial equipment roster for a new solo lawn maintenance operation. As mentioned in a previous thread, I believe a stand-on mower with a 52" deck running on propane would be ideal for my purposes. My research has led me to four different makes/models at this...
  2. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I'm currently in the process of planning my initial equipment roster for a part-time solo lawn maintenance operation. Two of my primary goals are to streamline overhead and operational costs as far as possible via equipment efficiencies and to operate my business in an eco-friendly fashion...
  3. Business Operations
    Is anyone out there using propane or have done very extensive research proving or disproving it to be better?
  4. Heavy Equipment & Tractors
    I've got a 2005 GMC Topkick 5500 that has an 8.1 (ex schwans truck) that is powered by propane and would like to convert it to gas. What all is needed in ordered to do this? Thanks.
  5. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Hey Y'all- I was at an industry expo today and wandered over to talk to the propane guys. They told me they will do the following FREE if I buy 500 or more gal from them a year: 1. Will convert all my mowers and other 4 stroke equipment (my mini-skid) at no cost to me (and will convert back...
  6. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Hi All, new to the forum, but excited to learn more. I have a 61" snapper pro that runs on propane, and lately a few of that tanks have been noticeably freezing on the outside. I have tightened all valves, hoses, but not sure what else to try. Any idea's?
  7. Sponsor Announcements
    Say goodbye to that inefficient carburetor. And say hello to a cleaner burning, more efficient propane engine that saves you up to $600 a year on fuel.* Our exclusive KOHLER Command Pro EFI engine with closed-loop electronic fuel injection now offers a propane option that's designed to work...
  8. Mechanic and Repair
    :drinkup: The owner of this Company I work for wants to start converting the fleet of small engines over to propane. Anyone done this? Attended a seminar Monday with one of our local prpane distributers and a somewhat "new" conversion kit they want us to try. The name is AltFuel and can be found...
  9. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    My company and I have recently discovered propane as a alternative source of fuel and we've been looking for more information. We keep coming across Metro Lawn but we not entirely sure what exactly they do. If you've used their services please let know how it works and what your experience was...
1-9 of 9 Results