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  1. Mechanic and Repair
    I own a 1995 Bunton 48 hydrostatic walk behind with a Kawasaki 420 engine. It is really rare in Norway. My only local equipment shop have never heard of any dealer. The parts Manual i have does not match the layout of my cutting deck. its a 48" but has the brakedrum/brakeband shown on the Hydro...
  2. Mechanic and Repair
    I have a Toro clutch #105-2635, which was the upgrade to the old 54-3200, and has a bolt-on pulley wheel. I damaged the pulley and need to get a new one and am having a heck of a time sourcing this! Contacted Ogura and they said the pulley comes from Toro, so contact them. Contacted...
1-2 of 2 Results