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  1. Professional Discussions
    I have a small issue with the 2045 impact sprinkler heads - since they have been around forever (it seems) I was hoping someone might have some suggestions. The issue is the 2 small 'tabs' that hold the top disk in place. one (sometimes both) of these tabs will break off (maybe from the lawn...
  2. Professional Discussions
    hey Mr Rain Bird Ron, I’ve got a question for you. I’ve got an LXME where the main module is blinking red steadily, about 2 or 3 per second. I looked in the troubleshooting but the information I’ve found don’t cover the main module led indicator. Can you give some insight on what might be...
  3. Professional Discussions
    Looking for a source for these 2-pin DC power end connectors at the end of the Rainbird UT-1 transformer and need to know what they're called. Thanks
  4. Lawn Mowing
    How complicated is it to program a Rain Bird ESP-ME? I have zero experience. I want to set it for Tuesdays and Thursdays. 1/2(.5") inch of watering per day. I know Ill need to use a rain gauge to figure out how long to water to get a 1/2 inch. So if I learn how to set it for 10 mins, I could...
  5. Professional Discussions
    Has anyone used the new rd 1800 sprays? I'm a pro spray guy these are supposed to be better any thoughts?
  6. Professional Discussions
    Trying to dial in my grass and get it on a better watering schedule. I live in Northern California were in the summer its 85'-100' degrees all summer long. I have basic Fescue sod thats been well established for years in clay soil, in full sun. I have your basic RainBird nozzle spray sprinklers...
  7. Professional Discussions
    Here is a thread to use to ask questions or make comments for which you expect or want a reply from Rain Bird. This is an effort to keep other threads 'clean' and on topic. So, when I notice a comment or question off topic Rain Bird issues in another thread , I will direct you here to discuss...
  8. Professional Discussions
    I'm doing a Residential job and I want a recommendation for some Anti-Siphon valves that I will be installing. Who makes the best anti-siphon valve and why? I've been looking at the Rain Bird ASVF series. No Lawn Genie por favor. :clapping: Thanks
  9. Professional Discussions
    Greetings, I have just stumbled upon this site and as an irrigation service tech of 14 yrs. ; I am thrilled about the knowledge that is at my scarred finger tips. As a company owner that prides myself in treating my customers and employees with unprecedented respect. I began on a quest to see...
  10. Professional Discussions
    Hi Everyone, I'm a homeowner (in New England, if that makes a difference in the grand scheme). I'm looking at getting an irrigation system installed at my home and am struggling with making the final decision on a service provider. I'm looking at 3 proposals: one which is all Rain Bird, the...
1-10 of 10 Results