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    Selling my self propelled rayco stump grinder. only 60 hours. Model rg1635sj which has a 35hp briggs gas engine. It's a lot faster production that a 25hp model and has two speed travel so a lot faster betweens stumps. Full greenteeth setup. Really mint condition. scott 605.228.9350
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    I'm selling my 2004 vermeer sc252 stump grinder with only 540 hours. I stepped up to a bit bigger machine and don't need both. The 252 runs great and has yellowjacket tooth system and removeable dual wheels (removing outside wheels makes machine only 36" wide so can go through gates). Pics shown...
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    $5500 grinder only or $6250 with trailer. 2002 Rayco RG1625 Super Jr 25hp gas self-propelled stump grinder. 36" wide so it can go about anywhere and grind about any size stump. Only 743 hours. Fresh service, new belts, almost new Rayco super teeth, new professional paint and graphics (old...
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    2004 SC252 with 1019 hours. 4-wheel unit with hydraulic steering option. Duals, yellowjacket teeth. good paint, good mechanical condition. $7,000 1998 SC252 with 1300 hours. 3-wheel unit, no duals, standard vermeer teeth. recent tuneup. runs, operates good. Looks fair to avg (grimy in...
1-4 of 6 Results