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  1. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Hoping to get some suggestions on a replacement hedge trimmer. I do a lot of tall schip laurel and privet - privet hedges are several hundred feet long. I'm on a ladder quite a bit. I've been using an Echo SHC-212 Hedge Trimmer for several years, but I'm having difficulty with it and need a...
  2. Marketplace
    Never used redmax, he bought it from his neighbor that used it residential. Currently have Stihl BR 430 that I live, no need for me to add another blower but have only heard great things about redmax blowers. Is this a good deal, looks in great shape. Thanks for all the input . You guys always...
  3. Mechanic and Repair
    The screw that hold the filter cover stripped the hole. Now the top on that side is kinda open. Any suggestion a fix? I broke the clip to hold shoulder strap looking to fine a site that has part.
  4. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Has anyone, have any long term expierance with Efco hand held equipment? Apparently the one of the top 3 most popular brands for outdoor power equipment, worldwide. Not as popular here. I have never seen anyone with any. But a small country dealer in the rural area of Monro Mi. Has them. Prices...
  5. Trucks, Trailers and ATV/UTV
    I have a old ford ranger it has a 2.3 liter motor Im looking for a trailer to pull with it I kinda want a 12 foot dual axle...I plan to pull my lawn care setup with it(exmark turf tracer) (redmax hand tools) and echo pb8010 Do you think I should get a 12foot,10foot,or 14foot
  6. Mechanic and Repair
    I copied this description of someone with an ebz 7500, and replaced it with 8500, as I have the SAME EXACT PROBLEM WITH ALL THREE!!! See below "I have 3 redmax blowers ebz8500, it is super hard to pull the rope ,feels like too much compression, I have tried everything I can think of, as of...
  7. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Out of the 5 categories below, what is the best hedge trimmer you have used? 1) Reliability (Easy Starting, does not give you trouble) 2) Longevity (has a long commercial life) 3) Power (does not get caught up when using it for what its intended) 4) Maneuverability (Easy to Trim most shrubs...
  8. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I've been wondering this past week if redmax has a plant here in memphis. I saw a building that said redmax on it. It said redmax on the sign alone, nothing else.
  9. Mechanic and Repair
    Hi I am new here good to meet everyone. Anyways... I was looking to get some insight on why my 8-12 year old Redmax HBZ2600 refuses to start most of the time. Occasionally it does start and idle fine but for the most part it takes forever to start it. I probably have to crank it anywhere from...
  10. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Hi. I currently have a husqvarna 350bt blower and it does ok but I want to upgrade for leaf season. I found a barely used redmax ebz8000 for 250 but not sure it is strong enough for leaf clean up .thoughts? Thanks!
  11. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I’ve recently hit 65 hours with my scag tiger cat 2 an I fell I can give a fair non biased opinion. The pros, I love the v+ deck also the things built pretty solid an the new tiger eye hour meters are very cool. As well the gas gauges are the most accurate I’ve ever seen. The seats comfortable...
  12. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Any one else sver use one of these for overgrown accounts? It is truly the most fun I've ever had on the job.
  13. Trucks, Trailers and ATV/UTV
    I’m working with a 7x16 trailer, tiger cat ll , bobcat 36 , scag 48 walkbehind, Redmax blowers and trimmers. Just curious to see what everybody else is rocking. Lmk , can we get some pics too?
  14. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I run the RM ebz 8500's. how do they compare to the br700. I'm not looking to switch I'm just curious. Also comment which brand u prefer for handheld equipment besides chainsaws.
1-14 of 54 Results