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  1. Business Operations
    I've been working full-time doing lawn and landscaping for over 4 years now. I do 99% of my business with residential customers. I have around 70 lawn service customers, both big and small, that I do on a weekly /biweekly basis. Also, I do lots of other work throughout the year for those...
  2. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    I am in need of a reputable service to aerate and overseed a babseball complex in Northern Caiflornia, Sacramento area. Any referrals are appreciated.
  3. Network: South
    I'm starting my own business in the irrigation field. I need some referrals from other companies so I don't mind cutting you a percentage for the job. I am a licensed irrigator. I can sell, install, design, modify, and repair systems. If you have any work, please contact me. Thanks. -Andy
  4. Lawn Mowing
    Hey all, I am thinking about cutting down my client list a little and restricting my mowing to only a few days out of the week. I would like to find another good, dependable company to refer my clients to. How do I go about finding someone? Also, if I wanted to charge a referral fee to the...
  5. Business Operations
    Let me start by saying that I know very little about the landscaping and lawn care businesses. I am a real estate investor, and really all i know about landscaping is that it is a very important part of selling a house. Which brings me to why I am here... Through my marketing techniques I...
  6. Landscape Maintenance
    Is there a trick to getting spray companies to refer your lawn/landscaping business? I have tried sending them people but never get them sent back. Any tips are much appreciated.
1-6 of 6 Results