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  1. Mechanic and Repair
    So I’m having an issue with this free mower. The engine runs very high rpms at full throttle. Originally it ran okay, it was kinda rough running and so I cleaned the carb and that’s when I realized it was running very high rpm’s. Anyways I messed with it a little and it’s just been sitting for a...
  2. Mechanic and Repair
    Help! I got a new battery because the mower would no longer start. It died gradually during one morning of starting and stopping. I had the old battery tested = dead. But when I hooked up my new battery, I instantly got a whirring sound that did not stop until I disconnected the battery...
  3. Marketplace
    $2,800 Exmark LazerZ 60in Zero Turn riding mower Liquid Cooled gas engine. 23xxhrs Good condition. Used as a spare the last few years but don't need it anymore. I have parts to the bluebird bagging system that will go will it if you want. But system is not complete.
  4. Marketplace
    2003 John Deere 1435 Front Mower Series II. 545 hours in very good condition. Includes mower, deck and broom! Email Adam at [email protected] from details.
  5. Stolen Equipment
    About 3 days ago my Toro Zero Turn (Kohler Engine) was stolen in broad daylight in my driveway. It was on a home made trailer with the left tail light taped up, chained to a tree. It has a protective bar on it (roll bar). It was barely used. It has orange numbers on the right side starting with...
  6. Lawn Mowing
    When someone says the words “ergonomic equipment,” what comes to mind? For most, it’s features such as cushy suspension, custom handgrips and adjustable parts. Recently, Turf Magazine published an article about mower ergonomics. Read it here. Do you have back problems or other pain from riding...
  7. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Does anyone remember the iconic Snapper Hi-Vac riding mower seen in the 1994 Tom Hanks movie Forrest Gump? I know Snapper had recently acknowledged the use of this product in that film. As to how old that one is, going by the logo on it it appears to date from around 1982, and it is powered by...
  8. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    The size of my lawn in my backyard is slightly more than 1/10th of an acre (4,900 sq. ft. to be exact; one whole acre is equivalent to 43,560 sq. ft.) and I would thus like to ask you whether or not a rear-engine riding mower (with a 26" or 30" deck) would be suited to this task? ~Ben
  9. Marketplace
    2006 Kubota ZD28 (28HP) 72" deck 574 hours and garage kept -Hydraulic deck -Diesel with liquid cooled engine. -Great for lawn business or for personal tractor. -Full payment through PayPal or certified check for remaining balance upon pick-up. -If you have any questions please feel free...
  10. Marketplace
    The mower has 55 hrs on it. I have more equipment than I need and do not need this sitting in the shop taking up space plus it would be nice to free up the money. I have mowed some crazy hills and hill sides with the convertible in the walk behind position.* Convertible mower has a 52" deck...
  11. Marketplace
    Click my ad below to check out. Please call or email me through that ad, as I do not check my PMs often.
  12. Marketplace
    Check it out on my craigslist ad. Contact info is listed on my ad. I don't check my PMs much, so best to call or email.
  13. Lawn Mowing
    Does anyone know what drive belt I would need to buy for a Toro LX426 riding mower? I need the drive belt that goes from the engine pulley back to the transmission. The mower does not have gears, it has a pedal that you push to go faster and release to slow down. Any info. would help because...
  14. Mechanic and Repair
    Hey guys, I have a Kohler engine in my Cub Cadet Model LT1042 and it won't start at all. I went out to start it this morning and it wouldn't turn over. I lifted the hood up and saw the fan trying to spin, but it would go around once and then get to a spot where it seems like it hung up/hit a...
  15. Marketplace
    Ive got a Toro Groundsmaster 4100-D it only has 745 hrs on it 4x4 60 HP Kubota Diesel 10.5 ft cutting width fuel Capacity 19 gallons Transport speed: 0-15 mph (0-24.2 km/h) forward, 0-8 mph (0-12.9 km/h) reverse. Mow: 0-8.8 mph (0-14.2 km/h) forward, 0-4.8 mph (0-7.7 km/h) reverse. Well...
  16. General Industry Discussions
    it's a craftsman 46" cut, 18.5hp, for only 150. Now i've been looking for a riding for a while, and this is might be all i can get for the summer, so should i get???
  17. Marketplace
    i have a craftsman the size is (20 x 10 00-8) i need rear tires the ones on it right now are the turf saver ones they dont have to be them it must be local in bristol,PA unless you would consider shipping them. Thanks Nick:waving:
  18. Heavy Equipment & Tractors
    I am in the mix purchasing new/slightly used equipment and don't know which brand to go with. There are more Toro and Exmark dealers around the Atlanta area than most other brands but there is a huge difference in price. I am looking to go 46" to 52" but leaning towards the 46"-48". I have...
  19. Marketplace
    2001 toro 328D 2600 hours Very clean Looks and runs great! 28 hp Kubota diesel 72 inch rotary Make An Offer!! Cmon Make me an offer!! is located in Ontario California! any questions feel free to call Henry 909-226-9211
1-19 of 21 Results