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  1. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    I have a 68 gallon skid sprayer - Honda 5.5 hp - Maruyama msd41 pump (570psi with regulator) - 200 feet of 3/8" hose. I wanted a good psi rating in case I need to spray large trees on my acreage for bagworms in future. I have 15 acre as a not-for-profit/residence/ag property in central...
  2. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    I know there is info I've read in old threads about the PG gearbox and most people have moved on from the PG ultra and probably don't want to discuss such an old product, but I would appreciate the wisdom. I see the Anglgear from Andantex for under $200 online. The one from PG is $340. I do not...
1-2 of 2 Results