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  1. Power Washing
    The National Soft Wash Alliance made a video helping people understand roof cleaning and how to find a rood cleaning contractor.
  2. Power Washing
    We received a call two weeks ago from another vendor we met at both of the home shows we did last spring. He was interested in getting his roof cleaned as well as the patio and stairs to his screened in porch so he can list his home for sale in March. We had temps. in the sixties on 2/11 and got...
  3. Power Washing
    Here's a roof cleaning and stucco cleaning job we completed in Chester County Pa. This is a rental property in the town of West Chester that the owner contacted us to clean for him. We used a complete Soft Wash of all the work done.
  4. Power Washing
    This was a repeat customer in Waynesboro, VA. We did his home, the brick home with a brown roof, then his son's home with more still to come. We also cleaned the chairs and finished them with Tung oil so it will be easy for him to keep them looking good with a simple cleaning and wipe down with oil.
  5. Power Washing
    I doubt it affects it adversely, if both the professional roofing contractor and the professional roof cleaning contractor are honest and fair with the homeowner. My point being: 1. I consider myself an honest roof cleaner. So, if I am asked to clean a roof, that I [after over 20 years...
  6. Power Washing
    After weeks of working on setting up the inside the exterior was lettered last Friday. The rolling billboard is ready for travel!
  7. Power Washing
    We received one of those calls to clean a roof to be able to sell this house. As with many people who call, he didn't know that we could do that until he did a little research. He was another happy customer when we left.
  8. Power Washing
    Another satisfied customer in Wake County. We cleaned the gutter inside and out. The outside gutters were so bad they had to be scrubbed with a brush. Soft washed the siding and cleaned the black algae from the roof. One of their AC drainage pipes in the attic got plugged so it had to drain out...
  9. Power Washing
    We love providing our Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Services in The Woodlands Texas, located north of Houston Texas. Such a beautiful community with very friendly people. Here are some pictures of a home we cleaned yesterday.
  10. Power Washing
    Here is a short video of a roof cleaning we did in Parma Ohio yesterday.
  11. Power Washing
    If your roof needs to be cleaned: Would you be willing to test a new "green" product on your roof? Just Blast It Clean With A Pressure Washer? Or have a coating applied to it, so it may stay clean for 1-2 years, as those who sell such applications warranty them for? Or instead, be safe and...
  12. Power Washing
    We can clean those dirty roofs. By safely removing black streaks, algae & moss off of your roofs and make them look new again! Elephant Roof and Exterior Cleaning of Raleigh North Carolina provides safe, non pressure shingle roof cleaning services for the Raleigh, NC area and surrounding...
  13. Power Washing
    Roof Cleaning by A&E offers an affordable solution to a roof stained with black streaks, algae and moss. Our non pressure roof cleaning system will remove the stains and bring back your roof to like new condition, improving your curb appeal. In addition to roof cleaning, we use our non...
  14. Power Washing
    Roof Cleaning by A&E did some pressure washing and an awning cleaning on a commercial building in Camp Hill, PA last week. The job was for a real estate agency that recently removed some bushes from the front of the building. After the bushes were removed, they discovered mold had grown on the...
  15. Power Washing
    Just finished making and installing my rack for my Surface Cleaner. When ever I would park at Home Depot I would worry about my cleaner getting snagged by some low life. Not anymore.
  16. Power Washing
    Serving Raleigh,Cary,Garner,Clayton,Benson, Dunn & Smithfield,NC. From Soft Washing,Pressure washing and non pressure roof cleaning we can handle all your exterior cleaning needs. 919-207-0666 When someone uses the term, "Soft Wash" when it comes to the exterior maintenance of your home...
  17. Power Washing
    Now when we show up to Roof clean,Pressure wash or clean your siding you will know it is us when we pull up.
  18. Power Washing
    Blue Ridge Roof Cleaning of Virginia completes a big roof before fall arrives! Here is another non pressure roof reconditioning in Staunton, VA
1-18 of 35 Results