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  1. Lawn Mowing
    Just wondering how behind in your work some of you have have found yourself? I'm sure it's not a HUGE issue for most. I am just curious. Thanks
  2. Business Operations
    How do you guys handle routing when you have only 200 customers ?? I am only applying fert and weed control on these lawns. They are wide spread and I would like to add more. However I have troubles making a route. Is there an ap or a site that can help me with this problem I am having ...
  3. Employment
    Currently looking for a spray tech in our Columbia SC location. Feeling unappreciated in your current lawn care role? Not earning what you deserve? Fairway Lawns may have an opening in your area. Lawn Technicians at Fairway are responsible for beautifying our customers' properties by providing...
  4. Lawn Mowing
    Ok I have had my own business since the beginning of 2013 and for all but 2 years I have been working solo which I currently have been solo since Nov. I do roughly 50 yards a week over the course of 4 days and at least 9-11 hours each day. Those include 1 medium commercial account and 4 1 acre...
  5. Business Operations
    Hey guys I'm in the process of trying to get my first truck and crew self sufficient. I'm trying to expand and at least start on a new truck while the previous crew keeps going. I'm just looking for any advice you might have. I'd really like to know roughly a percentage I might expect to profit...
  6. Business Operations
    I was unable to find a thread for this, maybe it was just me but oh well. Looking to see what "route planning" software is out there that is worth using. Right now I found RouteXL (its online but can do 20 stops for free, so I am giving it a go).
  7. Business Operations
    hey guys Im looking for an easier way to do our daily schedule. im trying to find an app or a website that will allow me to upload a list of their route where they can time in and out, see what they have to do at the property, and add notes about the property. im using a software for my...
  8. Business Operations
    Does anyone know of any sites (preferably FREE) that can optimize my entire lawn route for the whole week right now i use which works well but i want something that can go past 20 addresses and split lawns up to multiple days/crews?
  9. Lawn Mowing
    Hello all, I am not in lawn care business, and this is why I am writing this post. I need a feedback on a matter that only business professionals could provide. Here is the question: Would you exchange one of your customers to another customer of same value, if this would give you savings on...
1-9 of 9 Results