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  1. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Hi All- I am researching the possibility of starting a full time lawn care business in my part of Southern New England that I would launch in the spring of 2020. My working theory is that this would be a one person mow, blow and go operation where I would focus on efficiency and volume. Two...
  2. Business Operations
    What did you make? What could you make?
  3. Business Operations
    What is it? I don't really plan on starting off with a credit card processor for invoices and such so are you guys having your clients fill out papers?
  4. Business Operations
    hello everyone, I am trying to come up with a survey to all my targeted potential clients. My goal is to go to all my potential clients and ask them about the things they like about their current gardener and the things they dont like so I can implement the good things in my companie and make...
  5. Business Operations
    If you could only choose one form of advertisement to get the word out about your business, what would it be? EDDM? Website? Flyers door-to-door? What would you choose?
  6. Power Washing
    Largest Pressure Washing Convention FREE Sept 21 22 23 2016 Charlotte North Carolina Stay tuned for the Free Agenda Coming Soon At The Largest pressure washing Convention. For Details Please Click Here For Registration Please Click Here For a Full List of Upcoming Events Please Click...
  7. Sponsor Announcements
    Coming into the season we here at JThomas realize the demand for Trimmer Line, Lawnmower blades, mulching blades, and edger blades. For the entire month of April we are offering up to 45% off. 293 TRIMMER LINE VARIATIONS EDGER BLADES EXCLUSIVE MAMBA MULCHING BLADES MOWER BLADES NEW $10.95...
  8. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    I am using Quickbooks Online for my bids. The templates are customizable but I'd like something better. I don't do any bids on paper, everything is emailed. The program would need to work with Qbo and be cloud based. We have one desk top computer, two notebooks, two tablets and two Note 4's...
  9. Business Operations
    Do you prefer (or has anyone seen better, more comfortable results) with Landscape Designers also acting as the Sales Person? Or do you prefer to have a Landscape Designer and a Sales Person making the sales? Any info is appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Business Operations
    Another general question.. Does anyone have any experience or has anyone seen better results with a commission based salary versus a standard salary? If so, did this improve sales? Were employees happier with this setup? With this in mind, do you have a sales member taking on the sales? Or do...
  11. Business Operations
    what is the average wage for a licesned tech? how about with catigory37? and what about an operations manager who over sees all lawn aspects from products to sceduling and inventory to sales? just wondering what these types of people are worth in the new england area.
  12. Employment
    Looking for a sales Man/Woman to do estimates, and maybe take phone calls. If you have experience in this field and live near Crystal Lake IL shoot me an email if your interested. [email protected] :cool2:
  13. Business Operations
    I'm trying to find out some info on demographic maps and how to best market myself to my target customer. I'm wanting to know how to get custom made wall maps that include demographics based on home worth, and household income. I've found some info on the website but I'm not ready to...
1-13 of 27 Results