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  1. Lawn Mowing
    I have a 61" turf tiger with a 27hp kohler on it...after about 2.5-3 hours of use this morning the mower started sputtering like it was running out of gas, yet it was full. Happened while under load. Then it stalled after about 5 mins. Let the machine sit for about 15 mins started back up, then...
  2. Trucks, Trailers and ATV/UTV
    Looking at buying a 7x16 enclosed trailer. I have a Scag TT 61". Will it fit width wise if I put a Scag vacuum on it? The mower is 62" overall. The fan assembly only adds another 8.5" to it (so they say). What are the widths between the cables and the door opening?
  3. Mechanic and Repair
    Gentlemen: This question concerns my 2001 Scag 61" Turf Tiger, s/n 6761817, with 27hp Kawasaki FD-750D non-DFI engine, with 693 hrs personal use. I'm experiencing momentary engine lugging down/missing, but ONLY when quickly starting forward after backing up, as you do during "Texas U-turns" in...
  4. Landscape Maintenance
    Im trying to figure out what would be faster for and more effective for my business... I have 61 Scag, blowers, etc and we normally tarp and blow leaves to the leaf loader... But i have been seeing lately where a 3 bagger or clam can reduce the leaves and dump in the truck or at the leaf loading...
1-4 of 4 Results