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  1. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Does anyone know it the JD Comfort Glide Seat fits a Z910A, I recently bought a used one. JD says fits all 900 models yet Hutson’s has a chart of models which accept this seat and the Z910A is not on that list. I like this mower, fast and powerful but rough as a Cobb on uneven terrain. Also...
  2. Mechanic and Repair
    I have a 2003 Exmark Lazer Z HP 44" ZTR Mode Lhp4417KA that I am resurrecting. It needs, well, one of everything. Currently I am trying to avoid the $150 seat cushion price tag by DIY repair. The problem I have is that the plywood is completely gone so I do not have a template. If there is some...
  3. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    Has anyone installed a universal suspension seat on a ZTR? If so, how did it turn out? Did it help your bumps a lot - was it worth the $200? Did it jack the seat height up too much? Any other issues? I'm looking at one on eBay - same one is on Amazon:
  4. Lawn Mowing
    I definitely need a suspension seat. After some research online I have found some air bag based ones, and some OEM knockoffs. Are the Toro/Exmark suspension seats just hydrolic/spring? or air? I just am looking for some general info. Any decently priced aftermarket seats that have a good rep...
  5. Hardscaping
    Unilock lists seat walls as a possible application of Pisa 2. Anyone familiar with this block know how to pull this off? Can you split the back end exposing a face like the front or do you use the corner blocks some how?
  6. Marketplace
    I am looking to sell my new michigan suspension seat. I just got it last week and decided I'd like to get the Scag colored one, same seat, just pure aesthetics. I want it to match my other mowers. This seat is black, has adjustable slides, adjust to your body weight, and adjustable lumbar...
1-6 of 6 Results