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  1. Turf Renovation
    Is it worth renting an aerator to aerate 2-4 properties? How much do you all charge per 1000 to aerate and seed?
  2. Turf Renovation
    if there are any hydroseeding guys on this forum .... is it possible to add a pond fill feature to a 500 gal turbo turf with the 4" by 4" pump? I was thinking of adding a tee in the pump intake line and then using a 2" suction line to draw water from the extra tank in my tow vehicle. Will a 2"...
  3. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    My backyard needs a complete re-do. I'm currently killing everything off with glyphosate. I was considering going with 100% tall fescue since it's good for the northeast. Should I be going with a mix of different types? TIA
  4. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    So, I do not normally take centipede lawns. However, my cousin was wanting my help for his lawn care and said he did not want the centipede. So, I am trying to do it as an inexpensive and effective way. I have been getting insight from friends of mine who are also licensed but want to get more...
  5. Fertilizer Application
    So, I am going to be doing my own fertilizer and seed application in about a week and want to see if I am even close with my calculations for the amounts to be applied. I factored in a total of 3,400 square feet of total lawn area. For Fertilizer, my bag weighs 42lb, is 29% nitrogen and meant...
  6. Fertilizer Application
    Can I use a 5-gallon bucket to measure out fertilizer and seed? Thanks.
  7. Marketplace
    2015 6,250 OBO. 700 hours. New rear wheel/axles 2016. Properly maintained.
  8. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    i detacthered my lawn, soon to aerate it. this is the 1st time im trying to do it as "right" as i can. im jersey shore area. after i aerate i was going to put down, dont know how good it is. its got the...
  9. Turf Renovation
    Okay you are called to seed an area that was bare in the spring and crabgrass filled it in. So, how do YOU handle this situation ??? :) Due to that the crabgrass will die soon. Do you seed into the crab and run a thatcher over it ??? Do you apply a Gly to kill what is there then seed ?? Do...
  10. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    I am a home owner in Central Florida. My front lawn consists mainly of crab grass and wild Bermuda grass. Instead of doing a full fledged reno at this point, my goal is to promote the Bermuda that is existing (about 1/3 of the lawn) for some uniformity. (sidebar: if Crab Grass stayed green year...
  11. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    Hi all. I'm a High School kid trying to save for college doing landscaping. I currently have about 50 accounts mowing, mulching, brush removal, etc. which I know is small but it keeps me somewhat busy. I have several clients asking if I do fertilizing and pesticides in the spring. While I...
  12. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    Hello Everyone - My front lawn is a mess – I had onion grass growing all over the place and numerous broadleaf weeds. Today, I physically pulled the bulk of the onion grass, leaving quite a few holes in the lawn. I would like to attack the broadleaf weeds, but also want to seed to fill in...
  13. Business Operations
    I'm curious where sole props are buying their products from such as seed, fertilizer, weed control. Is HD and Lowes the only options available?
  14. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    Hello All, I am overseeding my 0.20 of an acre lawn this weekend and am deciding which grass seed to use. I'm in MA and currently have a fescue, KBG, rye mix. Please let me know your opinions of the following grass seeds (price is for 25lb bag): Jonathan Green's Black Beauty Ultra: $89.99...
  15. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    Hello... I am fairly new here and to the grass growing and maintaining side of things. I am starting a new lawn out back which is about 4,500 sq ft. right now I have a fairy hard service and a little bit of sand that was dug up spread out. I plan on ordering loam to spread and have about a 3.5"...
  16. Network: North
    working up here in mass. customer has a very bad grub problem. she wants all the grass pulled up and new seed put down. can i do that this late in the fall? and how should i get rid of the grubs? fertilizer?
  17. Business Operations
    OK, so this is a silly and stupid series of questions. As we know it is mid september and many clients are wanting to overseed and aerate. I have been flooded by many newer clients wanting this, but I have never actually done it for money as I have stuck more to basic basic lawn care (mow, edge...
  18. Turf Renovation
    Have a few big money core aeration/overseedings coming up and I was thinking about using the john deere estate eagle+ blue grass for the full sun lawns. Never used john deere seed before any reviews?
  19. Turf Renovation
    hey guys, can anyone recommend a type/brand of grass seed that is better for a thin topsoil layer? im in the mtns in nwnj and all the properties around me have the same problem. 1 to 3 in of topsoil over rock/gravel/stone. its 2 acres of some shade, and some sun. I will dethatch with a frt...
1-19 of 48 Results