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  1. Network: South
    I have 40 residential accounts mostly under half acre that I cut biweekly. I cut for approximately 8 months here. Average of $45 per cut. How much would you ask for ?
  2. Business Operations
    I will start by saying seeing doc next week. I been having recurring heat episodes where I feel like I am completely loosing my mind its the most frightening thing. I all started two years ago on a mulch job I did 1 pallet solo (middle of July in Florida 110 real feel) that's 70 bags plus...
  3. Marketplace
    The equipment listed has always been taken care of and most is new/gently used. Included in this purchase we will give all rights to the GFC (God, Family, Country) veteran-owned brand as well as functioning websites and domains ( &; website can be customized...
  4. Business Operations
    Hello Fellow LCO's I want to buy a lawn care company in the Fort Worth TX area. Tarrant, Johnson, Denton, or Parker County. Thx Aaron Shehan Gro Lawn
  5. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Hello Fellow Members Im looking to buy a lawn care or Mosquito business (not mowing) in the Fort Worth or East Coast of Fl area. Any help or referrals appreciated greatly. Call me at 817-897-1925
  6. Network: West
    PM me if you are looking to sell your landscape maintenance business. I am looking for contracts and crew that I can acquire in So Cal or Central valley. Let me know if you know someone. my email is [email protected] com
  7. Business Operations
    I searched the internet and the forums here and didnt find any help that applied to my situation. I have a very small Sole proprietorship business with no assets that I run from home. I would like to transfer ownership to my wife ASAP!. The only paperwork that was originally required was a...
1-7 of 7 Results