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  1. Business Operations
    I will going to dental school soon and will no longer be in the landscaping business. I currently have 25 properties I take care of per week, whether that be only weed eating, only mowing, or a mixture of both. Without talking equipment prices, how do I come up with a figure when it comes time...
  2. Marketplace
    Due to family & physical issues, I am selling my grounds maintenance (gardening, in California) company of 2.5 years located in Orange County, California. The price tag is $30k, installments are not an option. The breakdown of this figure is as follows: $11,600 - 3 months' gross base income...
  3. Business Operations
    Downsizing! Need to sell off some of the lawns. Most residential, a few commercial, none with contracts. I read years ago on Lawnsite that some recommended selling lawns for one to two month's worth of income. What say you?
  4. Marketplace
    Most of you all don't know me -- as I'm mostly a "consumer" rather than a "contributor" on this site. However, after being in business for only 8 months, I've taken a job elsewhere (one that I could absolutely not decline), thus concluding that it's time to sell the business. I'm wondering...
  5. Lawn Mowing
    Hello everyone I am new to the site and would like input from anyone. I am a college student and have been running my lawncare business for 5 years now, I started just in the neighborhood when I was 16 and have had it grown to 30+ yards. I am now currently employed with a insurance company and...
1-5 of 5 Results