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  1. Bidding, Estimating and Pricing
    I'm not even gonna lie. I need help with bidding this in the worst way, lol. I decided to stop in this housing development after receiving a Request For Bid on another property earlier this evening. I stopped at this house because I noticed the condition of the grass. The garage was open...
  2. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    does anyone have any methods they use to remove existing white flies and or other types of flies that lay eggs on the leaves of shrubs? I’m not very familiar with fly treatment. Any help would be great thanks
  3. Landscape Maintenance
    Hello all, I went into business this summer and had a relatively decent start, but eventually had to let go of all of my clients as I moved elsewhere. However, I've been trying to get motivated again and put myself in the best position to go into the new year and season. One area I noticed I...
  4. Nurseries and Growers
    Please post where you buy perennials, trees and shrubs at wholesale in Southeast Michigan (or near) and why you use them with any tips about the nursery/greenhouse, like busy times, best person to talk to for help, etc. I can't seem to find any of this information in one spot here. My go-to is...
  5. Landscape Maintenance
    I'd like to educate myself on the different types of trees and shrubs, and the proper way to trim/prune them. Does anyone know some literature I can get or some instructional videos?
  6. Landscape Maintenance
    Anyone knows what these are? 2 hedges I cut, they were about 4 and 5 feet tall. Thanks.
  7. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    This is my first job and I want to see how everybody else would quote it to see how close I came. Below are the specifics. If I miss a detail just assume the baiscs to fill in the blank. I am suppose to do this job on Thursday. Thanks for your help!! 1- There is 2253 sq feet of mulch beds...
  8. Landscape Maintenance
    So i've been talking to a few other landscapers around town and it seems like when they do commercial bids they include EVERYTHING in their bids and factor it into a monthly prices. They includes things like spring clean up, fall clean ups, mulch, and shrub trimming. Im just curious to hear if...
  9. Landscape Maintenance
    I need to think of some plants that are hearty, and healthy, and easy to maintain, but will live well in a pot. the lady i am doing this project for needs plants that can be neglected for a bit and still look decent. any suggestions?
  10. Organic Lawn Care
    We just took over this account and need to get it into shape. The fescue has died around the walkways, I am guessing from salting during winter and traffic. Any ideas on what to use? Also there are several shrubs that look like this, anything that might help? Thanks guys, always appreciated!
  11. Nurseries and Growers
    Hello, I need help. I have to bid on a landscape installation project. I do lawn maintenance for this subdivision and they want me to water this plants once a week after installation. I have a 300 gallon hydroseeder that I can use but have no Idea about pricing. I'd say it will take at least 30...
  12. Lawn Mowing
    how much for shrubs(trimming,removing and cuting down),mowing,claning up,planting,and do i bid less for resideential lawns.:waving::usflag::drinkup:
1-12 of 13 Results