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  1. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Hey everyone, The title on this one speaks for itself lol. I'm a new guy trying to get my foot in the market starting off small. Many times I hear people scrutinize the new guy about licensing, registering a business name, getting proper insurance, etc.. even when they hear about a teenager...
  2. Business Operations
    I'm curious where sole props are buying their products from such as seed, fertilizer, weed control. Is HD and Lowes the only options available?
  3. Business Operations
    I've been debating using a contract with customers or just a hand shake agreement. As a Sole prop. with just residential as my target I would love to hear the opinions and stories from other owners that have been there, done that.
  4. Business Operations
    What are the advantages and disadvantages when going to INC(S-Corp) from LLC? I am sole prop. I'm mainly concerned about filing, getting more(income tax) back if possible. I am also aware of the ability to offer shares to non members if I'm INC. I have been filing(standard joint) with my wife as...
  5. Business Operations
    I searched the internet and the forums here and didnt find any help that applied to my situation. I have a very small Sole proprietorship business with no assets that I run from home. I would like to transfer ownership to my wife ASAP!. The only paperwork that was originally required was a...
  6. Business Operations
    Well. They say most business don't last the first year. We did! Then yesterday our partnership dissolved. Found out he was invoicing work that he never did and said he did. Anyways... Its back to Sole Proprietorship for me. I lost my new equipment but kept all the accounts except for one large...
1-6 of 6 Results