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  1. Network: North
    Good afternoon My name is PJ Billetta- I work w/ EcoGreen Lawn Care out of the Norristown Area, in the greater philadelphia area. We've been in business 9+ years. I've been in landscaping/ contracting since I was 15 doing various jobs. Dave, the owner, has 27 years experience. I'm hoping to...
  2. Business Operations
    Should I ask him/them to wear my shirt? Should he/they be allowed to wear their logo shirts? I don't have the proper tools to give a client what she wants(one time job for her), so I'm thinking of getting someone do this for me. If I decide to use this guy continuously, which this particular guy...
  3. Employment
    Anyone have any sub work or need to add to your crew. I have 2 years full time exp. Just dont have enough yearly accounts. Sometimes i sub out as stickman in fernandina beach. Ty
1-3 of 4 Results