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  1. Lawn Mowing
    I posted this in another thread earlier and then figured, "Well, I had enough trouble finding info when I was looking for an OCDC that I should share around..." So here goes: I had a problem finding something to fit my Great Dane Super Surfer 48 deck at a price that I could afford to part...
  2. Marketplace
    Super surfer with floating 52" deck; stand up mower; 23 hp Kawasaki engine; 2 sets of gator blades; synthetic oil used in engine; no flat front tires; electric start; commercial debris collector and deflector. I bought this mower as new, from dealer in Spring 2010, to cut one apartment complex...
  3. Marketplace
    Hey guys - I'm lookin for a small stand on mower. I'm willing to travel as I live more north than most anyone i've seen post on here! Preferably I'd like a great dane super surfer, or a gravely prostance, but I would be very interested in a toro grandstand and wright stander mower too! Thank...
1-3 of 3 Results