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  1. Business Operations
    Hi everyone, If you are a golf course superintendent, manager, owner or employee, your valuable opinion is in demand! We are a student marketing team from Tufts University, located in Massachusetts, conducting research on the habits and preferences of golf course operators and associates. We...
  2. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    So I am halfway through my season and am going to send out customer survey forms via email to my clients with Wufoo!. I did this last year and received a lot of good responses from my customers saying how great we are and how much they like the services but I really didn't get anything by way of...
  3. Industry Surveys & Polls
    Pricing survey: Hi my name is Duncan and I live in Williamsburg Virginia. I'm doing a survey for my high school economics class and my business. I'm gong to contact 5 services in 3 different sized cities in all 50 states, so any bits of info you can give will save a ton of time! Thanks...
  4. Digital Marketing
    Hey everyone! I just shared my New Client Questionnaire template in the JotForm template gallery. If you want to look at it or use the template, go here:
  5. Seal Coating Forum
    Hello fellow sealcoaters, i have a burning question i wanted to ask and i am very interested in seeing the outcome of this question! How many of you guys/gals are door knockers? Going door to door and selling yourself and what part of the country are you in if doing so? Do you have any sucess...
1-5 of 10 Results