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  1. Business Operations
    Hey guys not new/unfamiliar with this forum but definitely not a regular poster. Apologies if this post is a little wordy. So I basically fell into my property maintenance business 6 years ago. Started raking leaves because I was in between jobs and now here I am almost 6 years later with 72...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hello, I'm looking to either sell my equipment or form some type of partnership. Yard work and equipment are nothing new to me, but this recent summer was my first taste of the business. I can't say it was successful or unsuccessful. Moot is the best way to describe my experience. I learned a...
  3. Golf Forum
    If golf course owners want to become more sustainable and survive into the 21st Century, they too might need to reinvent the purpose of their investment and look to the horizon and begin to participate in animal agriculture. IT will be up to Superintendents to get new ideas in front of their...
1-3 of 3 Results