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  1. Marketplace
    I'm looking for a top dresser in northeast Ohio. The newer the better and I will pick it up.
  2. Marketplace
    I’m branching out into topdressing starting in 2020. I’m looking to buy any topdressing equipment around here. Ecolawn 200 Turfco Mete-r-Matic’s Stand-on Aerators Topdressing Drag Mat Pull Behind Topdressers Etc. Picking up a Cushman Turf Truckster soon. Any Topdresser for that would be...
  3. Rental Equipment
    Hi. I'm from northern NJ and looking to do a topdressing project with compost after aeration/overseeding my lawn, but have a large (.5 acre) lawn. Where can I rent a topdresser, such as an ecolawn unit?? I cannot find any place local to Bergen county to rent one. Any help would be greatly...
  4. Marketplace
    Newton, Mass Turfco Mete-R-Matic Top Conveyor Dresser Used One Season "Still has a 1 yr transferable warranty from Turfco" Features, Conveyor with Brush, 4 air wheels in the back, 2 air wheel in the front Chain and Belt Drive. 5.5HP Honda GX 200 Engine Adjustable output Adjustable...
  5. Marketplace
    We have an Earth & Turf Topdressor for Sale. Model 200 Multispread. Comes with optional adjustable wing kit for rear shield and light material sides. Purchased new in 2008-9. Used less than 1 dozen times. Stored inside or under roof at all times. Like new condition except handle to...
  6. Marketplace
    Check it out. Priced to move quickly. We are focusing on smaller lawns now (average lawn size is 2500 sq ft., so the machine doesn't make enough sense for us. Hopper fits enough dry refined compost/topdressing to do about 1000 sq. ft. per fill. Check out the youtube link and see the actual...
1-6 of 6 Results