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  1. Marketplace
    I'm looking for a top dresser in northeast Ohio. The newer the better and I will pick it up.
  2. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    I am in Northern NJ and looking for a company to topdress my lawn with compost (without charging a ton). Any advice of companies?
  3. Landscape Maintenance
    I am looking to see if any of you guys have any photos of how a lawn normally looks after this process. We have had quite a bit of rain recently and I am thinking of going through this process on a high traffic area, but if it is too damaging than I will have to hold off until the fall. We...
  4. Trucks, Trailers and ATV/UTV
    Been looking for a Utility Trailer for Mowing Set-Up. Also during Aeration & TopDressing season to haul our Cushman Truckster with a Pull-Type Aerator & Pull-Type TopDresser. Problem is the Aerator for the Cushman is over 7' wide. Which knocks out a lot of utility trailer manufactures. Only...
  5. Turf Renovation
    I have recently been given a couple commercial contracts on sports fields. They are tall fescue with some rye grass (which has already died out this year), and I was wondering what you guys thought about overseeding it with a turf type blue grass and rye mixture when the spring rolls around? I...
  6. Lawn Mowing
    I posted this in the Sports fields management forum but am reposting here because it looks like the other forum doesn't get as much traffic. Hi, I've been in the mowing business for several years but am new to sports fields. I do lawn maintenance for a local K-8 school including 1 competition...
  7. Marketplace
    Check it out. Priced to move quickly. We are focusing on smaller lawns now (average lawn size is 2500 sq ft., so the machine doesn't make enough sense for us. Hopper fits enough dry refined compost/topdressing to do about 1000 sq. ft. per fill. Check out the youtube link and see the actual...
1-7 of 8 Results