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    Toro 455D Wide Area Mower (WAM) Diesel Mower Call or Text Three19-660-660 Zero It mows around 8-9 acres per hour on open ground. It is 10.5 feet wide. Low range (mowing speed) The mower runs at max of 8.5 mph High range (transport) is max of 15 mph. You need a 75" wide trailer to put this...
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    2003 Toro Groundsmaster 580-D 2 WD 80 hp Turbo Charged Mitsubishi Liquid Cooled 16' Cutting Width The cutting height is 1" to 5.5" Mows Up to 14 1/2 Acres an Hour. Hydrostatic Drive With Mowing Speed 7.5 MPH Transport Speed 20 MPH Enclosed Cab A/C & Heater 4400 Hours Ex-City Unit Is...
1-2 of 2 Results