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    Please see the following links for items I have listed for sale: Buddy Ramps and Carriers: Ryan lawn Aerators: Turfco TurnAer 6...
  2. Lawn Mowing
    i'm looking at buying a used walker mower here in toronto. i found a 2007 26hp EFI 42" deck MTGHS with less then 100 hours on it. Used for a large residence. Looks to be in great shape. Is 10 500 a good deal?
  3. Marketplace
    Check it out. Priced to move quickly. We are focusing on smaller lawns now (average lawn size is 2500 sq ft., so the machine doesn't make enough sense for us. Hopper fits enough dry refined compost/topdressing to do about 1000 sq. ft. per fill. Check out the youtube link and see the actual...
1-3 of 3 Results