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  1. Marketplace
    The Trac Vac Model 655 Vacuum features twin forty four gallon containers that are easy to remove for quick dumping. The 655 is fully castered and is equipped with large pneumatic tires for easy handling. This unit can be mounted to any mower with slight fabrication. It is currently mounted on...
  2. Mechanic and Repair
    I need some new trash cans for my trac vacs and I can't seem to find them in stock. These are for walk behinds(turf tracer) and are designed to work with a 44 gal. rubbermaid brute trash can. This particular trash can appears to have been discontinued in favor of a new design with vents that...
  3. Marketplace
    Selling my tracvac collection system. It has the mounts for a 60 inch lazer. It has a new engine on it that has 5-10 hours of use on it. Also comes with the weights that i paid a ridiculous amount of money for and the JRCO mount. Only flaw in it in the metal part where to tube attaches is...
  4. Marketplace
    I am selling my Exmark Lazer with the 60 inch Ultracut deck and a 25hp kohler engine. 860 hours total, engine has 510 hours on it. The original engine was replaced on warranty because the wrong fly wheel had been installed on it at the factory. Very clean machine, well maintained. Hydro oil was...
  5. Landscape Maintenance
    Hey, I'm still fairly new to the idea of a trac vac. I've looked around a lot and tried to research them but there isn't much info out there. Does anyone know if a trac vac would work well on a 36" Exmark Metro with a fixed deck? Any comments would be appreciated Thanks
  6. Landscape Maintenance
    Hey lawnsite members, Looking to add leaf removal to my services provided next fall. Live in FL so the leaf problem isn't major but they do accumulate. I am going to work it into a customers regular maintenance. The yards are less than 1/4 acre with leaves only covering the fronts. I need...
  7. Lawn Mowing
    I've been having some trouble finding out the price for a NEW trac-vac for my 60in turf tracer. If anyone has any info for me that would be great!
  8. Marketplace
    I'm looking to buy a leaf loader and box trailer. Only looking for equipment in good to excellent condition, not necessarily for this season. I would prefer 10" intake not 8". Anyone looking to sell and in need of cash for the holidays, let me know. Thanks, Jeff
  9. Lawn Mowing
    I have a Ferris ZTR with a tow behind Trac Vac blower on a homemade trailer to do leaf cleanup. When I am done the lawns look like a pool table. You could eat off them. However I snap the blower shafts averaging one every two years. I do not do many lawns with this setup so I seem to have a high...
1-9 of 9 Results