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    2014 eXmark Turf Tracer-S with Kawasaki engine and 48" deck. Clean mower, everything works like new. Oil, filter, and hydro serviced regularly. Only 435 total hours on it, single owner. Cash or credit card. Located north of Pittsburgh.
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    Between this past dry year, and a toddler that needs more "daddy-time", I unfortunately need to sell my Mower. This mower was just bought new last May from Doebler Bros mower shop in Monroe. It was $6999 new, and I added an OEM Exmark 2 wheel detachable sulky. At only 175 logged hours, the motor...
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    I have forsale an Exmark Turf Tracer It is has a 48" deck and a 17 hp Kawasaki Mower is serviced and ready to go and also just put a set of new tires on it. This was my own personal mower for around our house so it is pretty low on hours. If I had to guess less then 500. The paint is all...
1-4 of 4 Results