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  1. Business Operations
    Ok so I’ve been solo for 3 years and have been in the industry for 10 years. I’ve gotten really busy in the past year and have decided to hire someone to help mainly in lawn maintenance but he does work with me on every job no matter what it is. He’s new to the industry and I’m having a tough...
  2. Business Operations
    Does anyone have a good resource for training of technicians throughout the year? We are a small lawn care company that specializes in fertilization, weed control, tree and shrub care, core aeration and seeding, grub control and surface-feeding, flea and tick control and fungicide-disease control.
  3. Business Operations
    Hey Everyone Im putting together a list of resources that can be helpful to employees and another for contractors. Ive notice guys over the years talk about the different videos they watch on YouTube and I try to give them as much info as I can on different resources to utilize when trying to...
  4. Trucks, Trailers and ATV/UTV
    We need to train a new hire on how to operate with a trailer. He has minimal experience but seems to be a quick learner. He'll be driving an extended cab truck with an 8' bed. Trailer is a 7x16' TA cargo. Our plan is to take him to large, empty parking lot for some driver training. I was...
  5. Business Operations
    It's that time of year for us - finding new employees, training them, and ultimately setting them up so they can operate without our constant supervision. As this is my first year getting out of the field, I was wondering what you all do to train your field managers as well as your general...
  6. Christmas Trees & Seasonal
    Hey Guys, This has been a great forum to learn and discuss new ideas. Does anyone have any resources they like and use to train their new staff? Please post links here if possible. Thanks in advance.
  7. Power Washing
    Here are the Dates for The Pressure Cleaning and Roof Cleaning School for 2013. January 7-8 February 4-5 March 4-5 April 8-9 May 6-7 June 3-4 July 8-9 August 5-6 September 9-10 October 7-8 November 4-5 December 9-10 The Pressure Cleaning and Roof Cleaning School is 1 1/2 days of "Hands On"...
  8. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    i am a new owner of a lawn and landscape maintenance company. i would like to add fertilization and pest control to my services. in order for me to do this i would have to hire someone with a pest control license because i do not have one. my question is, what would be the best way to do this...
  9. Business Operations
    My business is growing rapidly, I would love to implement a training program as I have fairly inexperienced new hires, where can I find good training materials?
  10. Lawn Mowing
    I am curious how everyone here handles the operator safety training for ZTR mowers? Do you personally train your new operators, or do the dealers provide professional training for your new operators on all the available safety equipment?
1-10 of 11 Results